'82 sep.
Building the art institution [Kunsthalle]
[performance , Iasi, performer: Bogdan Armanu, camera: Silvia Amancei]
-series of  digital black and white photos-

'82 nov.
Searching for a[n exhibition] space
[performance at the Bahlui river, Iasi, performer: Bogdan Armanu, camera: Liviu Ghiciuc]
-series of eleven digital black and white photos and two pen interventions on map (artist book)- 

Finding myself situated along with my artistic practice and activity in a precarious and volatile artistic context I consider emigration as the only possible solution. Although one my consider as inappropriate and paradoxical, I am imprisoned in my place, being detached from the global art-scene. In this situation I can just transform my desire to emigrate in a suitable space for my artistic practice, namely the West, in to an obsession and an ultimate goal. Therefore in a last desperate action I am sending a message in a bottle on the Bahlui river, river which is crossing the city of Iasi, hoping that this painted message will reach the desired West and the western art scene with its institutions. I, the poor Easter-European artist, am letting to the natures will the fulfillment of my dream to emerge on the western art-scene.

'82 nov.
The E.U.E.S-S.E.E project [ European Union of South-Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe]
[pen intervention on geography atlas]
-artist book, pages: 9 and10/11-